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Doodads Out Of Stock


$20.00 Including GST

Standards pearl, violet midrib flush, narrow yellow gold band widening at base. Falls violet blue, with gold rim and haft. Beards yellow gold, violet flounces edged tan.

Exotic Isles Out Of Stock

Exotic Isles

$10.00 Including GST

Rich purple standards with white infusion. Heart of white on purple falls.

Fiery Temper Out Of Stock

Fiery Temper

$12.00 Including GST

Rose/purple standards. Wine black falls. Fiery red beards.

Foreign Statesman Out Of Stock

Foreign Statesman

$9.00 Including GST

Rich purple standards & falls. Black beards. Strong colour.

Garnet Storm Dancer Out Of Stock

Garnet Storm Dancer

$14.00 Including GST

Ruffled slightly reflexed purple black, green and black midline, gold steeple signal on all petals; style arms purple black, gold centerline, creating star effect.

Out Of Stock

Good Omen

$16.00 Including GST
Placeholder Out Of Stock

Grape Cordial

$8.00 Including GST

Purple standards. Lighter purple falls, with underlay of yellow. Purple beards.

Grapesicle Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Standards violet. Falls violet edged shading to bright purple near beard.

Graphique Out Of Stock


$9.00 Including GST

Standards & falls are white stitched with violet band. White beard tipped yellow. Wide blooms.


$10.00 Including GST

Violet to deep violet. White crest on yellow crest.

Holy Night Out Of Stock

Holy Night

$9.00 Including GST

Lightly ruffled, velvety deep violet/ purple standards & falls. Deep purple beards.

Indiglow Out Of Stock


$9.00 Including GST

Violet blue standards & falls. White thumbprint on falls. Yellow tipped white beard.

Jeri Out Of Stock


$8.00 Including GST

Velvety dark grape violet, with inconspicuous citron line signal.

Just Fancy Out Of Stock

Just Fancy

$10.00 Including GST

Standard & falls gold with strong violet wash over falls. With white spot below beard. Beard Yellow.

Placeholder Out Of Stock


$9.00 Including GST

Blue/violet standards & falls. White tipped yellow beard.

Loyalist Out Of Stock


$12.00 Including GST

Rich claret wine self. Cerise/claret beards.