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Alamosa Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Standards pale lavender with lemon influence. Falls pale lavender overlaid in coffee in centre around lavender beard.

Chanted Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Pink standards & falls. Pale blue beard.

Dot Com Out Of Stock

Dot Com

$7.00 Including GST

Light blue standards & falls. Falls have deeper blue spot. Bushy violet/blue beard.

Dragon Slayer Out Of Stock

Dragon Slayer

$7.00 Including GST

Ruffled pale green standards & falls. Deep yellow spot on falls. Blue beards, yellow at throat.

Placeholder Out Of Stock

Grape Cordial

$8.00 Including GST

Purple standards. Lighter purple falls, with underlay of yellow. Purple beards.

Grapesicle Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Standards violet. Falls violet edged shading to bright purple near beard.

Helter Skelter Out Of Stock

Helter Skelter

$7.00 Including GST

Brown flushed orchid with cherry red falls edged brown. Gold Beards. Vigorous.

Jade Maid Out Of Stock

Jade Maid

$7.00 Including GST

Solid jade green with rich bluish burgundy/ red on falls.

Jive Out Of Stock


$8.00 Including GST

Standards & falls golden apricot. Falls with burgundy/raspberry spot. Beards bright tile red.

Kentucky Bluegrass Out Of Stock

Kentucky Bluegrass

$8.00 Including GST

Green/blue standards. Falls are heavily flushed ochre green. Baby blue beards.

Kiss Me Quick Out Of Stock

Kiss Me Quick

$7.00 Including GST

Pink standards. White falls with light pink edge. Beards white tipped tangerine.

Placeholder Out Of Stock

Lady In Red

$7.00 Including GST

Red with brighter red overlay around gold and violet beard.

Placeholder Out Of Stock

Lime Smoothy

$7.00 Including GST

White standards. Lime/lemon falls. White beards tipped orange.

Out Of Stock

Little Buccaneer

$7.00 Including GST

Red standards & falls, with warm red shadings. Bright orange beards.

Lore Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Standards soft mid pink with flush of violet. Falls shade lighter. Tangerine beards. Ruffled & fluted.

Mossburn Gold Out Of Stock

Mossburn Gold

$7.00 Including GST

Old gold standards & falls. Falls with darker veining at hafts. Beards blue.