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Clyde Redmond

Clyde Redmond

$10.00 Including GST

Wedgewood blue self with fine greenish-yellow line signal, a flush wine-red on the styles.

Connection Out Of Stock


$16.00 Including GST

Blue/white standards with yellow styles. Deep purple falls with red blended shoulders. Red Beards.

Convention 74 Out Of Stock

Convention 74

$10.00 Including GST

Blue & white plicata standards & falls.

Crimson Snow Out Of Stock

Crimson Snow

$12.00 Including GST

Blue/white stds, flushed orchid. Ruby red falls edged white, flushed pink. Burnt orange beards.

Crowned Heads Out Of Stock

Crowned Heads

$14.00 Including GST

Violet/blue standards. Soft blue falls. Both standards & falls flecked with deeper blue. Bushy soft blue beards.

Dangerous Mood Out Of Stock

Dangerous Mood

$16.00 Including GST

Standards light blue. Falls black with dark purple beards, with lemon tips.

Deep Sea Quest

Deep Sea Quest

$15.00 Including GST

Violet blue, petals reverse white, falls with bright yellow signal. Gold steeple, style arms white, violet blue tip.

Divine Duchess Out Of Stock

Divine Duchess

$10.00 Including GST

Silvery/blue standards and falls. White beards tipped cream. Ruffled & vigorous.

Dot Com Out Of Stock

Dot Com

$7.00 Including GST

Light blue standards & falls. Falls have deeper blue spot. Bushy violet/blue beard.

Edge of Winter Out Of Stock

Edge of Winter

$9.00 Including GST

Standards are lavender blue. Lighter pastel blue falls, with white beard.

Fast Forward Out Of Stock

Fast Forward

$10.00 Including GST

Lavender blue standards. Wheat yellow falls.

Fjord Out Of Stock


$9.00 Including GST

Ruffled pale blue standard & falls with faint yellow wash on falls. Pale blue beards tipped with lemon.

Foaming Seas Out Of Stock

Foaming Seas

$9.00 Including GST

Very pale blue standards & falls. Slightly deeper at the hafts. Pale blue/white beard.

Fogbound Out Of Stock


$9.00 Including GST

Palest blue/white falls. Standards pale blue white infused violet/blue. Serenely ruffled.

Friday Blues Out Of Stock

Friday Blues

$8.00 Including GST

Soft blue standards & falls. Lovely form.

Placeholder Out Of Stock

Friendly Seas

$10.00 Including GST

Smooth light blue/violet standards & falls. Excellent substance with lots of blooms.