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Distant Fire Out Of Stock

Distant Fire

$12.00 Including GST

Copper/red self with velvet sheen. Gold beard.

Doodads Out Of Stock


$20.00 Including GST

Standards pearl, violet midrib flush, narrow yellow gold band widening at base. Falls violet blue, with gold rim and haft. Beards yellow gold, violet flounces edged tan.

Early Action Out Of Stock

Early Action

$12.00 Including GST

Standards light greenish. Falls brilliant greenish yellow. Beards orange.

Early Beaut Out Of Stock

Early Beaut

$12.00 Including GST

Violet/blue standards infused with green at centre. Falls veined violet merging into creamy mustard.

Early Embers Out Of Stock

Early Embers

$14.00 Including GST

Peachy/apricot/rose coloured standards & falls. Red beards.

Edge of Winter Out Of Stock

Edge of Winter

$9.00 Including GST

Standards are lavender blue. Lighter pastel blue falls, with white beard.

Placeholder Out Of Stock


$16.00 Including GST

Ruffled light lavender ground standards & falls. Flecked with white. Antique gold beard tipped lavender.

Elusive Butterfly

Elusive Butterfly

$12.00 Including GST

Lavender-violet standards and falls, with white spray pattern on the falls. Lime style arms tipped violet and large golden signal.

Epicentre Out Of Stock


$12.00 Including GST

Standards cherry black. Falls salmon with narrow stitchery of cherry black. Beards of sienna.

Exhilaration Out Of Stock


$12.00 Including GST

Laced smoked salmon standards & falls. Beards tangerine.

Exotic Isles Out Of Stock

Exotic Isles

$10.00 Including GST

Rich purple standards with white infusion. Heart of white on purple falls.

Extra Dazzle

Extra Dazzle

$15.00 Including GST

Dark cyclamen rose rimmed white, lemon reverse, intense white sunray pattern on all petals, with long lime steeple signal surrounded yellow. Style arms lime. Ruffled.

Fashion Designer Out Of Stock

Fashion Designer

$9.00 Including GST

Cream standards, shot apricot gilt & flushed soft peach. Falls apricot yellow.

Placeholder Out Of Stock

Fine China

$10.00 Including GST

White standards and falls with jasmine yellow in throat.

First Movement Out Of Stock

First Movement

$10.00 Including GST

Magnificent apricot standards & falls. Red beard. Heavily ruffled blooms.

Flamingo Flamenco

Flamingo Flamenco

$8.00 Including GST

Raspberry coloured self featuring an intense white sunray pattern around the golden steeple signals. Lime green heart lends a cooling note to petite triangular blooms.