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Music Box Out Of Stock

Music Box

$7.00 Including GST

Standards lavender, deeper at the hafts. Falls greenish/tan edged brown at hafts. Beards pale blue.

Norma Valerie Out Of Stock

Norma Valerie

$7.00 Including GST

Standards lemon. Falls lavender flushed lemon. Beards lemon.

Out Of Stock

Serendipidy Elf

$8.00 Including GST

Rose standards with olive rim. Falls light fuchsia. Beards blue tangerine.

Sleepyhead Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Baby blue standards & falls. White beards.

Smokey Imp Out Of Stock

Smokey Imp

$6.00 Including GST

Smokey pink standards & falls. Violet overlay on falls. Beards red.

Snugglebug Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Brown red self, with mauve beards.

Squidler Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Standards moss green. Falls aqua blue. Beards orange tipped blue.

Status Out Of Stock


$8.00 Including GST

Rich orange self including the beards. Ruffled blooms.

Stockholm Out Of Stock


$7.00 Including GST

Blended yellow standards & falls. Violet beards.

Wanganui Gem Out Of Stock

Wanganui Gem

$7.00 Including GST

Standards dark mauve. Falls purple. Beards white tipped yellow.