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$8.00 Including GST

Ruffled ice blue with green line signal, falls with additional faint green veining, bright orange line signal extending 3/4 petal length. Style arms lemon, with green & purple midrib

OCool Out Of Stock


$8.00 Including GST

White standards & falls, with lavender crescents on falls.

October Sky Out Of Stock

October Sky

$10.00 Including GST

White standards, blue violet fall, with white flash around blue beard.

Okarita Out Of Stock


$9.00 Including GST

Free blooming white self. Beards white tipped yellow.

Parris Kiss Out Of Stock

Parris Kiss

$9.00 Including GST

Standards near white, with faint pastel influence. Ruffled falls are palest pink. Beards white tipped tangerine.

Purple Pepper Out Of Stock

Purple Pepper

$9.00 Including GST

Standards are soft lavender/blue, with light dotting in their centers’. Falls are completely covered with fine pinpoints of purple/blue over a white background.

Raspberry Acres Out Of Stock

Raspberry Acres

$8.00 Including GST

White plicata sanded raspberry pink and brown. White beards tipped brown.

Rejoice and Sing Out Of Stock

Rejoice and Sing

$9.00 Including GST

Ruffled white standards & falls, with a hint of pink. Eye catching ribbon pink beards.

Rhonda Flemming Out Of Stock

Rhonda Flemming

$9.00 Including GST

Lilac standards & falls white edges lilac. White beards.

Ring Around Rosie Out Of Stock

Ring Around Rosie

$10.00 Including GST

White standards, rimmed clear yellow. White falls banded with clear yellow & finely sanded plum inside of band.



$10.00 Including GST

Heavily ruffled white, lime line signal on small petals. Buds lemon, style arms apple green, Tips white.

Ruben Bleu Out Of Stock

Ruben Bleu

$10.00 Including GST

White standards. Rich blue falls, with white patch below beard. Orange beards.

Sighs and Whispers Out Of Stock

Sighs and Whispers

$12.00 Including GST

Icy white standards, white falls blended to wide blue band. Beards white.

Out Of Stock

Sixtine C

$10.00 Including GST

Cream standards slightly frilled falls edged with blue. Etchings at the throat. Orange beard.

Skating Party Out Of Stock

Skating Party

$9.00 Including GST

Large ruffled pristine white standards & falls. Lemon tint beard. Masses of bloom.

Skiers Delight Out Of Stock

Skiers Delight

$9.00 Including GST

Pure ruffled white standards & falls resembles snow.